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Homecoming Press Release


Contact: Rev. Marcel Kerr

Historic Baptist Church Celebrates Homecoming and Installs New Pastor  
Chicago, IL, April 4, 2011 – Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church, a longtime staple of the Bronzeville community on Chicago’s South Side, will commemorate its legacy during Homecoming Week April 26 through May 1. The highlights of the week will be a gospel music tribute Saturday evening, April 30 and the pastoral installation of Rev. Marcel Kerr Sunday afternoon, May 1.
Ebenezer’s storied past began in 1902 and reached prominence among Chicago’s black population during the Great Migration of the 1910s and 1920s. As African-Americans fled the South searching for jobs and relief from racial oppression, many settled in Bronzeville and joined Ebenezer. Georgia native and gospel music forefather Thomas Dorsey pioneered his blend of blues and Christian praise at Ebenezer in 1930, forming the first gospel choir. Many generations of singers and musicians since then have helped establish and build Ebenezer’s heritage as a soul-stirring house of worship.
“Throughout the 20th century, Ebenezer enjoyed a lofty presence on the landscape of gospel music,” Kerr said. “Homecoming Week will be a time for us to remember where we’ve been while also anticipating where we’re going.
“We will have four nights of revival-style worship with four preachers Tuesday through Friday. On Saturday evening, our choirs past and present will lead us with traditional and old-school gospel songs. We are looking forward to seeing former Ebenezer choir members, directors and musicians return to celebrate with us.”
Worship Tuesday through Friday evenings will begin at 7 p.m., and Saturday’s music celebration starts at 6 p.m. Rev. Kerr, the eighth pastor in Ebenezer’s 108-year history, fills the office that had been vacant since 2006. He served as assistant pastor to Rev. Alvin Love at Lilydale First Baptist Church on the Far South Side. For more information, visit www.ebenezerbronzeville.org.

From the Desk of the Members

Historic Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church
Celebrates its Legacy with   Homecoming Services and Installation of Our Beloved New Pastor The Rev. Marcel Kerr
Our Theme: "Pastor and People United for Ministry;
New Shepherd, Same Lord!”
 Background Scripture: 1Timothy 4:6 
  Highlights of this Celebration are:
Homecoming Services Tuesday April 26 - Friday April 29 2011 each night at 7:00PM
Musical Extravaganza Saturday April 30 2011  6:00 PM
Pastoral Installation of our Beloved Rev. Marcel Kerr Sunday May 01 2011  3:30PM  Presided by Rev. Alvin Love of Lilydale First Baptist Church 
You are welcome to attend our 10:45 Sunday Service and fellowship with us with catered food, following Morning service. It’s going to be a Blessing to see Yes YOU at the table!
So walk in sit back each and every night and get fed with the word of Our Lord during our  Homecoming Celebrations and spend Sunday with us and help Historic Ebenezer Celebrate our
Installation of our Beloved Pastor Rev. Marcel Kerr at 3:30p.m.
On Tuesday April 26 at 7:00p.m.
Officiating this service will be Rev. Moses B. Herring
of  Calvary Baptist Church of Glenwood
will be officiating this service along with praise songs from said church
Wednesday April 27, 2011 at 7:00p.m.
Officiating this service will be Rev. Romell Williams
Of Lilydale Progressive M.B. Church
Thursday April 28 at 7:00p.m.
With The Rev. Oscar T. Moses of  Mount Hermon Baptist Church
Friday April 29 at 7:00p.m.
The Reverend Dr. Marcus D. Cosby Of Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church
Will be coming all the way from Houston, Texas…
We are going to have a Wonderful Time in the Lord all week!

And just when you thought it would end,
we are having a Musical Extravaganza  
On Saturday evening at 6:00p.m.April 30
We are looking forward to lifting the Lord in song with lots of our alumni choir members, directors and organists…. And surprise guests!
And the icing on the cake Sunday May 01 we will have our Morning Service followed by as I mentioned food which will be catered and at 3:30p.m.Historic Ebenezer will have our Installation of our pastor the Beloved Reverend Marcel Kerr!    His former lead Pastor of Lilydale First Baptist Church will Preside this service by non other then the Rev. Alvin Love.
Walk in with what means you have and celebrate with us this Joyous Blessed Christ Chosen Occasion!
Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church
4501 S. Vincennes Ave.
 Chicago, Ill
Any questions feel free to call the church office at: 773.373.6144
No need for reservations, no donation at the door- Please be Prompt!
All we ask is that you bring the right soul so that the Lord’s word can grow and lift him Up and give him Praise for what is has and will be done in each of our lives! Amen! Amen. 
   Thank you and Peace-N-Your Space
Be there We’ll Be Looking for you!

From The Desk of the Pastor

Dear Family & Friends,
Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church is extremely grateful to have a new pastor, the Rev. Marcel Kerr. We invite you to join us in celebrating his installation during our Homecoming Week April 26 through May 1, 2011.

You may be a former member of Ebenezer, a relative, a friend or an occasional visitor. Whatever the case may be, we would cherish the opportunity to share worship with you during Homecoming Week.

Beginning Tuesday, April 26, we will have four nights of preaching starting at 7:00p.m. On Saturday, April 30 at 6:00 p.m. we will worship in song with former Ebenezer choir members, directors and musicians returning to lead us with traditional and old-school gospel music. Then on Sunday afternoon, May 1, we will host Rev. Kerr’s installation as Ebenezer’s eighth pastor. The service will begin promptly at 3:30 p.m.

If you can attend any of our worship services that week, please do so. Our pastor would also like the privilege of shaking your hand. We want Ebenezer to be a place where you always feel welcome. So consider this your open invitation to stop by and see us at any anytime before, during or after Homecoming.
Thank you for granting us a few moments of your time. May you always enjoy the best of God’s Blessings.


The Ebenezer Church Family
Rev. Marcel Kerr, Pastor



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