Maggie Pryor: This ministry was the first circle organized under our church Mission Ministry. Our Mission Statement: Saved to Serve. Our Purpose: To meet the needs of those in need.

Usher Board:  Ushering is being a doorkeeper in the house of God. Its purpose is to make sure that all persons who enter into this place of worship are attended to and made to feel comfortable. It all starts with a warm welcome by the Ushers. 

Pinkie Reid: A missions-minded group who seeks to address the needs of our neighbors within and without the congregation. Named after one of the most Spirit-bound servants in Ebenezer's history, this ministry offers spiritual presence to members who are sick and shut-in. A specific focus aims to provide essentials for women and children striving to overcome domestic instability.  

Music Ministry:  The Music Ministry seeks to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through song, encourage believers in their walk with Christ, lead the congregation in worship, and provide an avenue through which individuals may share their gift and be an integral part of the worship. The Music Ministry spreads the word of God through music experiences. 

Senior Mission Ministry:  The Mission Ministry helps aid and assist other missionaries near and far, foreign and domestic.

Scholarship Ministry: The Scholarship Ministry believes education to be an investment that always yields great long-term dividends and continues to emphasize the importance of encouraging, empowering, embracing, and assisting in the education of our young people. To God be the Glory!

Sunday School Outreach: The Sunday School Outreach Ministry endeavors to impact the surrounding community as well as provide a free weekly breakfast to all the children in attendance. During the month of June we sponsor an Open House for the community with "getting to know you" games, a free lunch for all, and a tour of our great historic church. In August there's an annual vendor fair where the community is invitd to sell or purchase items of their choice. Finally, in December we give away approximately 100 toys to the boys and girls of this community. Each activity includes input and an address from our pastor or superintendent. Ultimately our objective is to help draw others to Jesus Christ through the Sunday School.

Childrens Church Ministry 11:00 am Sundays